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81ST ABBOTT MAGIC GET TOGETHER AUG 1-4 2018 Cobra Light Plus
The Abbott's Magic Company, the Colon Lions Club and the Colon Chamber of Commerce are proud to celebrate the Annual Abbott's Magic Get-Together. The dates are August 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of 2018. Once again, magicians from all over the world...A NEW APPROACH TO A CLASSIC OF MAGIC The Mini-Magic Switchboard just got more AFFORDABLE and with a new mindreading option, dollar-for-dollar, it's truly the BEST miniature switchboard ever! ENTIRELY SELF-CONTAINED! EASY TO CARRY! COMPLETELY...




Dagger Chest ( Head Sword ) Folding Rabbit Table with Revolving Top
Dagger Chest ( Head Sword ) Folding Rabbit Table with Revolving Top
This is a GREAT beginner illusion! Performed by magicians worldwide. The magician tells a story of an Egyptian king who hated magic and asked that the magician be given a taste of his own medicine. Acting as part of the magician a spectator is...The revolving top rabbit table is a very convenient and portable folding table, with an attractive design, especially for kid show performers. It has a large working surface enabling you to use this for your larger effects and a revolving top...



Westgate Bowl Production Illusion (Stage Size) Karrell Fox's The Legend
Westgate Bowl Production Illusion (Stage Size) Karrell Fox's The Legend
The magician holds a cloth covered tray in his hand. On the tray is resting a square panel. The performer removes the panel from the table. He then holds it up so that the audience can see that it contains nothing. At this point the magician is...Popularly known as "The King of Korn," Karrell Fox was truly one of magic's singular characters. He was a superb performer in almost every branch of the magical craft - comedy, mentalism, children's entertaining, trade show presentations, and...




Organ Pipes Xerox Deck
Organ PipesXerox Deck
SOLD OUTWith Xerox deck you can show the most visual and amazing multiple transformation of an entire deck of cards. Imagine: You show a regular red back deck with indifferent cards on the faces. You only have to add a selected card from a blue deck,...




Abbotts Blooming Rose Wilting Flower
Abbotts Blooming RoseWilting Flower
This bud gradually blooms into a full- size flowerSlowly, the stem and the rose wilt over in a tipsy manner. The magician looks at the audience in surprise and as he does the stem returns to its former position. He looks at it again and the rose wilts in the opposite direction - and again comes back to its former position. Demo



Abbotts Church Silk Cabinet 2017 Abbott Compendium
Abbotts Church Silk Cabinet2017 Abbott Compendium
While supplies last - This can be used for the production or vanish of silks. It is excellent for the Mis-made Flag effect. Use it to perform 20th Century Silks using unprepared silks! Blendo effects! Silk Dyeing! Cut and Restored effects!Imagine reading about Get Togethers that happened decades ago as if they happened yesterday, or seeing every Abbott poster, every Abbott award winner, and even every Abbott performer covered in one book. Its updated, its big, and its back in stock soon.



Abbott's Magic And The American Side Show Abbott's Illusions Printed Book (Complete Workshop Plans)
Abbott's Magic And The American Side ShowAbbott's Illusions Printed Book (Complete Workshop Plans)
This book is over 520 pages and is the most complete book on side show magic ever written!Now you can get all of the 50+ Abbott workshop plans, plus about 20 or so more, in this huge book with over 460 pages - ALL WORKSHOP PLANS! If you were to download every Abbott workshop plan it would cost over $200 and well over $250 if you were to have Abbott's ship them to you.



Abbotts Hole In One Abbotts Humorous Production of Eggs
Abbotts Hole In OneAbbotts Humorous Production of Eggs
The new and improved Hole In One. This ad does not do this effect justice, you really should see this in person at Abbotts to appreciate it. You won't believe where they hid the gimmick, it looks fantastic on both sides. Several demosEggs are continuously pulled from the mouth, this can last as long or as short as you like. Imagine the suspense and complete surprise as your audiences witness this. Good as a trick on its own great in combination with other effects. There are...



Flash Paper Special Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism
Flash Paper SpecialEncyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism
4 sheets of flash paper and the book X-Jargon at a discounted rate. You must be over 18 to order this.Here is the greatest and most comprehensive book on this subject ever written! Check out the demo by Greg Bordner.



Linking Ropes Great Illusions of Magic - set of 2
Linking RopesGreat Illusions of Magic - set of 2
Select a free gift from Abbotts when purchasing this product! Perform the famous linking rings routine with ropes.The three lengths of rope are tied right in front of spectators and then linked and unlinked at will. Completely mechanical action. Demo by Greg Bordner!While supplies last - Included are: Substitution Trunk, The Buzz Saw, The Monster Guillotine - 107 illusions and plans in all.



Dancing Silk (Waltzing Matilda) Abbotts Fraidy Cat Rabbit
Dancing Silk (Waltzing Matilda)Abbotts Fraidy Cat Rabbit
The entire effect is self-contained and easy to perform. Supplied complete including silk, instructions and "special something." A quick demo by Greg Bordner shows how visual this effect can be.Here is an effect for audiences from eight to eighty! It only occupies a small corner in your prop case, but it can be a large feature in your act! This prop is a beauty and we will also have these available at the combined convention in St Louis. Check out the demo!



Abbotts Mutilated Parasol Professional Square Circle
Abbotts Mutilated ParasolProfessional Square Circle
This is the finest mutilated parasol effect in the world! This is the single parasol method. The silk cover is dyed in bright multi-colors, radiating in concentric circles from the center in a veritable sunburst of beauty. Check out demo by Marty Hahne!Durable highest quality Square Circle stage illusion designed for the professional. The 'black are design' of this Square Circle allows for a highly deceptive illusion. The square box with mesh window stands 11.75 in. (29.8 cm) high. DEMO!



Please be specific as to size and color when ordering. Check out the demo where Greg shows you the latest color to be added to the Abbott line, Pink!Made from the best quality pure silk, these silks compress into a small space. Exclusively from Abbotts. Prices differ on sizes, this is the starting price you see listed.



Abbotts Hand of Caliph Die Box Deluxe
Abbotts Hand of CaliphDie Box Deluxe
While supplies last - Recommended by top professionals for use in trade show situations as the cards which appear can be letter or symbol cards which spell out or display a commercial message.This is deluxe model of the classic Sucker Die Box, with all the usual sucker features plus allows you to show or flash the die in the box, handsomely crafted to give you a collector-quality prop. A great kid show item, where a die vanishes from...



Mental Epic Large Abbotts Cabinet of Foo
Mental Epic LargeAbbotts Cabinet of Foo
Straight Forward Classic Mentalism The magician makes three predictions on a slate of three words or numbers selected by three members of the audience. These predictions are found to be absolutely correct! Demo!This apparatus may be used as either a production or a vanish. The load capacity is twelve 36" silk squares and two spring rabbits and skunks and one spring duck. Live animals may be used. This can be used close-up, on a platform or on stage and surrounded. See Demo!



Split Multicolor Streamer Giant Squaring the Circle
Split Multicolor StreamerGiant Squaring the Circle
The performer displays a streamer with Red and Yellow stripes, which is shown freely all around. He waves it and it visibly transforms into two separate streamers – one Red and one Yellow. Made from pure Silk, the streamers are 44" long and 6"...This effect requires no skill and no practice. It takes less than one minute to master and we know you will be so fascinated by this ingenious effect that you will do it over and over again for your own amusement, even before showing it to your audiences. See Demo!



Torn & Restored Mismade Bill Abbotts Odd Triple
Torn & Restored Mismade BillAbbotts Odd Triple
The Performer displays a realistic playbill, which is then torn in quarters. The performer now attempts to restore this, but when restored, the bill is "inside out", with the corners in the middle, and the middle in the corners. Each packet has a...Magicians are always looking for a good silk routine. This effect is novel and smooth. It requires a minimum of skill as all details are explained thoroughly. Check out the Demo!



Automatic Coin Wand Kid Stuff Volumes
Automatic Coin WandKid Stuff Volumes

Automatic Coin Wand is a must for anyone who does the Misers Dream effect or any type of stage work with Coins. Lance Burton liked them so much he bought two wands! Check out the video by Lance Burton!

4 Volumes of Frances Marshall classic kids series, $10 per volume.



Abbotts Dove Workers Vest Silken Butterfly
Abbotts Dove Workers VestSilken Butterfly
The body-loader's best friend! This vest eliminates the need to sew pockets to the inside lining of your coats. It can be worn under any coat. The vest is adjustable for all sizes and is available in either black or white material. Please specify when ordering. Demo by Greg BordnerMagician displays a picture of a butterfly on a plaque with 4 silk handkerchiefs. These are removed and the butterfly is covered with a cloth. The silks are vanished but reappear back in position once more. Finally the silks are tossed into the air and flutter down as a beautiful rainbow silk.



Jet Set 8' Jet Set 6'
Jet Set 8'Jet Set 6'
Available After Easter 2017 Everyone at the Abbott Magic Company flipped when they first saw this backdrop frame - and so will you! Greg Bordner goes over the setup in a demo showing the ease of setup. Directions for making your own curtain--no curtain supplied.While supplies last - Folds down to three feet long by five inches in diameter and can be set up in less than thirty seconds to make a backdrop frame measuring six feet high and six feet wide. Completely self-contained - no loose parts.



Abbotts Strait Jacket Abbotts Daring Spring Trap Un-Plated
Abbotts Strait JacketAbbotts Daring Spring Trap Un-Plated
This is a professional-looking restraint device, specially designed for both the escape artist and the magician who wants to add one feature escape to his regular program. Check out the reviews by Bill Cook and Jeff McBride and a demo by BJ Mallen!A truly unique piece of entertainment! Very suspenseful (especially when used as a "Russian Roulette" routine) but harmless as shown in the demo. Save $5 when purchased without the plating for those who would like to paint their trap.



Abbotts Squash Center Tear
Abbotts SquashCenter Tear
"Squash" was originated by the late Percy Abbott and is known as "the trick that built the Abbott Magic Company." A shot glass containing any kind of liquid is vanished without cover (could be in your hands or on a surface) Check out the demonstration by Greg BordnerCreated by Abbott's own Neil Foster, Center Tear is an Abbott exclusive - you can do it close up and surrounded. Only a few minutes from reading the illustrated instructions to performing the trick! You will receive 6 prepared papers and instructions on how to make your own. Demo by Gordon Miller!



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