Abbotts Hand of Caliph

Abbotts Hand of Caliph
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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The magician introduces a hand (made of wood) set into a small platform. He explains that this hand represents the hand of a famous magician - now departed. With the aid of this hand he will attempt a miracle in card magic. Five spectators from the audience each select a playing card. They display and remember their selections and return these cards to the deck. The performer holds the deck of cards in one hand and the wooden hand and its platform in the other hand. The cards are sprung or showered into the air over the wooden hand. The spirit of the departed magician causes the five selected cards to appear at the very tips of the thumb and fingers of the hand in the stand. A spectacular and bewildering mystery!

Because of the ingenuity of this device, created by Jesse Thornton, no effort on the part of the magician is necessary to bring about the effect. This is a one-man effect. There are no assistants and no stooges. It can be performed under almost any conditions. Recommended by top professionals for use in trade show situations as the cards which appear can be letter or symbol cards which spell out or display a commercial message. This is startling and is the type of magic which registers with any audience. A trick which will have you doing "hand" stands!