Abbotts Tear Apart Vanish

Abbotts Tear Apart Vanish
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  • Item #: ABBtearpartvan
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $125.00
The apparatus consists of a box: top, sides and bottom. Each section is a wooden frame and the panels are covered with newspaper. In performance, two doves (or a small rabbit) are placed into the box. Each section is taken apart separately. First you push your hand through the lid frame, tearing the paper. You leave this torn frame hanging on your arm, then in rapid succession the four sides are broken over your hand and hung on your arm. Lastly, the bottom paper is broken over your head, leaving the frame and its paper around your neck. The livestock has completely vanished!

At the start of this effect the box may be setting on any chair or table. No table drapes are necessary. No body holders or pockets are used. Nothing is stolen away. It is all self- contained. The paper may be broken out of the frames over the arms of an assistant or you may use a member of the audience.