Candle Magic

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Abbotts Candle Lite Appearing Candle (Red or White)
Abbotts Candle LiteAppearing Candle (Red or White)
With the aid of this clever little gimmick you can carry the flame from one candle to anotherA slim appearing candle which grades to the quality of candles used by many standard master magicians. Please let us know if you would like red or white.



Appearing or Vanishing Candle Candle to Rose by Jaehoon Lim
Appearing or Vanishing CandleCandle to Rose by Jaehoon Lim
Special Ends March 31st at Midnight - Select vanishing or appearing candles in red or white color, all the same discounted price, made from stainless steel. Check out the demonstration by Greg Bordner!Magician lights candle as he is holding candle on hand, candle starts floating up and down then Magician blows candle off an magically turns into a beautiful rose (red or yellow). includes Gimmick Candle, Candle cap, Roses (red & yellow), Candle Stand. Lots of magic for the price, Demo!



Color Changing Candle to Flowers MAGICRAFT'S Visible Candle Through Balloon
Color Changing Candle to FlowersMAGICRAFT'S Visible Candle Through Balloon
All powder coated brass props for durability.Balloon is blown up inside a decorative tube, then a lighted candle is inserted through the tube and the balloon. You can see the light passing through the balloon when its tipped toward the audience. Great visual magic and easy to do



Abbotts Tantalizing Candle Candle Thru Arm
Abbotts Tantalizing CandleCandle Thru Arm
Strictly for comedyVery easy to perform and completely safe



Candle to Fan MAGICRAFT'S Visible Candle to Salt
Candle to FanMAGICRAFT'S Visible Candle to Salt
Candle to Fan is the latest creation from Michael P. LairThe finest method to produce (or re-produce) salt! Clean, fast and automatic. The trick works itself. You will marvel over its simplicity. There is nothing to go wrong. Remember, the candle visibly turns to salt. Complete with candle, tube, base, and instructions. DEMO!



Visible Candle Thru Balloon Abbotts Haunted Candle
Visible Candle Thru BalloonAbbotts Haunted Candle
They see the candle flame inside the balloon - yet the balloon remains fully inflated. The trick could be the hit of your show. It has improvements which throw off anyone who thinks they know how it is done! Complete with candle, tube and instructions. Use your own silk handkerchief.Lit candle extinquishes itself by rotating 180 degrees.Under your control you can use in anything from a seance to a comedy routine. Performed by the great Neil Foster, the haunted candle is a prop you will use for many occasions! Check out the Demo by Greg Bordner!



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