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$5 Stocking Stuffer Mini Coloring Book Abbotts Afghan Bands
$5 Stocking Stuffer Mini Coloring BookAbbotts Afghan Bands
The Royal Magic Coloring book is the finest on the market. Changes from blank pages to outlined pages to colored drawings are made with the greatest of ease. If you can flip through a book, you can perform this astonishing trick!A generous supply of cloth bands, instructions and suggested patter.



Adairs Scampering Spider Animal Racing
Adairs Scampering SpiderAnimal Racing
Performer displays 7 illustrated cards - 6 with cobwebs and one with a spider. A cobweb card is placed aside. The spider card is now reversed face down with another web card in the fan. A spectator is asked to pick the spider card, but it proves...You dreamed of jumbo cards for your children's shows, and now they're here!



Anti-Bullying Hippity Hops (Small) Assistant Certificate (with Wand)
Anti-Bullying Hippity Hops (Small)Assistant Certificate (with Wand)
With all the problems today with bullying in our schools and streets we felt that Magicians should put across a message in their Kids Shows that say to the Children "STOP THE BULLYING". Based on the classic Hippity Hop Rabbits, this stands 7" tall with laser cut characters.Our Certificates are printed in the USA on 100# Gloss Cover Stock. Included with your Certificate is a plastic wand to make it easy to roll your certificate into a wand for presentation to your Little Assistant . Brighten the day of the Birthday...



Audio Transposition by Daryl Birthday Card Surprise
Audio Transposition by DarylBirthday Card Surprise
An amazing new twist on the idea of a magician vanishing something and making it appear somewhere else. Check out the demo by past Get Together performer DARYL, this one looks like fun especially during this festive Holiday Season.A modern update to the Temple Screen! The panels each show a present on one side and cake on the other and are then folded into a triangle and items are then produced from inside the triangle and as a kicker, one of the panels changes to say "Happy Birthday!" on it.



Bite Out Cookie Bunny - Nauts
Bite Out CookieBunny - Nauts
The magician takes a bite out of an 'Oreo' cookie. He snaps his fingers, and the cookie is restored! Or, just spit the cookie bite back on the cookie!Both rockets stand 12 inches high and can be seen by all in the audience.



Burger-Ler Bunnies Cereal Triks
Burger-Ler BunniesCereal Triks
Even if your not a children's performer this is still the ideal close up effect to carry with you. "Burger-ler Bunnies" is not only a very appealing effect for the younger ones, it is also a devastatingly fooling effect for the adults too. You...The fun really takes off when the empty box is placed inside the magic cabinet. The performer makes the cereal box vanish. The magician works the audience into a frenzy opening one door then the next to show no cereal box. The finale, he opens both doors and there is no cereal box! Demo!



Circus Wagon (pro Model) Closeup Magic For Children
Circus Wagon (pro Model)Closeup Magic For Children
In a flash, the balloon VISUALLY changes into a REAL Bunny! The bunny is taken out of the cage. The cage can then be examined!Starring Ethan Leeds, Russell Leeds and Jeremy Le Poidevin with a Guest Appearance by Craig Petty.



Color Changing Rabbit Day at the Circus
Color Changing RabbitDay at the Circus
A large stage size effect, ready to use, with instructions. Specially recommended for kid show performers.This wonderful routine will be the hit of your children's show. Whether you are a magician or clown you will want to tell the story of the "VANISHING ELEPHANT". You receive four seven by ten inch laminated, full color gimmicked cards.



Doll of Terror - Levitates then Vanishes Elephant in the Room
Doll of Terror - Levitates then VanishesElephant in the Room
Think Linda Blairs head spinning was bad, this doll floats around the room then vanishes. Or is it even a doll, could be a hideous plastic skeleton you got at the Halloween store, or any type doll that is roughly the size of the supplied one.Elephant finds the spectator's chosen card. The elephant's trunk rises and drops as it searches for the correct card. In frustration the elephant shoots all of the cards out of his create. Check this out live at our booth at the Magi Fest in Columbus.



Enchanted Castle Production Extra Balloons For Super Needle Balloon
Enchanted Castle ProductionExtra Balloons For Super Needle Balloon
You can use it to produce a dove or other small animal and because of the special construction. You can even lift the castle off the base and let the audience have a complete "look through"Extra clear balloons for your Needle Through Balloon trick. Essential for anyone who performs this trick on a regular basis! Price per dozen



Feather Duster Wand - Silly Billy Flower Power
Feather Duster Wand - Silly BillyFlower Power
An ordinary 9" wand instantly changes into a feather duster. Hand the wand to your assistant. Then say, "Everyone is watching you, so you need to look your best." Retrieve wand, change it instantly to a feather duster, and begin to dust him off. Then tickle him under his arm.Award winning professional balloon artist, Roger Godin the Balloon Wizard, is going to teach you some of his favorite Flower designs.



Fraidy Cat Rabbit Frightened Rabbit
Fraidy Cat RabbitFrightened Rabbit
Display a plaque with the picture of a black rabbit. Turn the frame around thrice, and asks the kids to shout “BOO”. The rabbit is now white! This is repeated until finally the back of the plaque is shown with a black rabbit running away. Check out the demo!While supplies last - Display a plaque with the picture of a black rabbit. Turn the frame around thrice, and asks the kids to shout “BOO”. The rabbit is now white! This is repeated until finally the back of the plaque is shown with a black rabbit running away. Check out the demo!



Gently Used Abbotts Humpty Dumpty Great Escape - Tony Clark
Gently Used Abbotts Humpty DumptyGreat Escape - Tony Clark
Used Humpty Dumpty in awesome shape, only one availableView Demo!

This is a fun and easy trick to perform. Great for Close-up or strolling magicians at all levels. You get four glossy 4" x 6" cards and a black envelope.



Haunted Kettle Hippity Hop Rabbits - Stage
Haunted Kettle Hippity Hop Rabbits - Stage
Various different colored "spirits" (15-20 if you like) pour out of the Haunted Kettle. Kettle is opened and it is full of silks. Colored liquids are poured back in the kettle and the water pours out clear.Not your standard Hippity Hop Rabbits. Designed for today's performer and today's audiences, this set has brightly silk-screened images of a male and female rabbit that can open the door for huge comedy potential. The Rabbits change position...



Hocus Pocus Hare Hopping Silk
Hocus Pocus HareHopping Silk
Extremely easy to do. Packs flat and plays big. A great piece of "sucker" magic.The performer passes the board behind his back one more time, and the silk has now jumped to the middle. Complete with special "mechanical" board and the Silk.



Instant Download - Kid Show Showmanship Jumping PomPom by Vincenzo DiFatta
Instant Download - Kid Show ShowmanshipJumping PomPom by Vincenzo DiFatta
The material in this work will guide you as to what to wear, how to plan your program, how to choose assistants from the audience, how to open the show, how to close the show...Easy to use, entertains children and adults



Kidtrix (Magic for Kids) 2 by Paul Osborne Kidtrix (Magic for Kids) 3 by Paul Osborne
Kidtrix (Magic for Kids) 2 by Paul OsborneKidtrix (Magic for Kids) 3 by Paul Osborne
An all new book by Paul Osborne geared to the kid show performer! Hundred of illustrations along with never-before-seen, audience tested routines and props. Stuff you will want to perform - All new props and routines are included: Bully Cards...The latest in the series of Kidtrix books! It features all new props and presentations for the family/children's performer. With a foreword by Bev Bergeron, this publication features an all new look at illusions styled and designed for the...



Kidtrix (Magic for Kids) by Paul Osborne Magic Monsters Coloring Book
Kidtrix (Magic for Kids) by Paul OsborneMagic Monsters Coloring Book
An all new book by Paul Osborne geared to the kid show performer! Hundred of illustrations along with never-before-seen, audience tested routines and props. Stuff you will want to perform - Wristnosis, Giant Crayon, My Pet Frog, Ear Cleaning...Halloween Fun - The special "Cute Monster" book supplied comes prepared to perform the effect. Flip through the book, and all the pages in the book appear with black and white pictures. Flip thru again, full colored pictures appear. Flip thru yet again and the book is full of blank pages.



Magic Pet Shop Magic Speller (Spelling Test)
Magic Pet ShopMagic Speller (Spelling Test)
The three removed animals are placed into a bag and end up back inside the pet shop. An unlimited number of cute little stories can be told about the three animals. Perfect for daycare shows!Solid wood with plexi window. Alphabet Cards included, also extra common letter cards.



Monkey Bar, Metal - Parallel Multiplying Carrots
Monkey Bar, Metal - Parallel Multiplying Carrots
A wonderful effect that can add sucker comedy to any act.Multiplying Carrots 3 pc. Set - Whether you are a Magician, Master of Ceremonies or a Clown, these foam props great sight gags to add to your performance. Check out demo by Greg Bordner



No Way Spider Web Note Pad Surprise 2.0
No Way Spider WebNote Pad Surprise 2.0
Comes complete with all silks you need and a special newspaper gimmicked as a vanisher.Imagine this, you take a simple 4" x 6" pad out of your pocket. You then draw a face on the page with eyes and mouth. Suddenly the eyes and mouth begin to move! You then tear off the same page that you drew the face on and hand it out as a souvenir! Demo



Peanut Butter And Jelly Trick Pirate Monte
Peanut Butter And Jelly TrickPirate Monte
Sale Price Extended Through March - Peanut Butter and Jelly jars switch places when covered with a tube. Replace the tubes, and the jars change place again! The magician then makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the same jars he has been using throughout the trick!Arrrh Matey, Pirate Monte is fun for all ages but it's more than the classic gambler's game. Four other performance ideas make this a real treasury of tricks - and according to the demo you also get 100 Pirate Jokes, can't go wrong there!



Psychic Crayons Rabbit Rampage
Psychic CrayonsRabbit Rampage
A spectator freely selects a crayon from a box of 24 different colors. Miraculously, the magician is able to divine the correct color, every time. Great effect for adults! Can be used on their own, or part of any routine requiring a force....An updated and modified version of the classic Farmyard Frolics style children's effect, but with a twist at the end. This has a little bit of everything so be sure to check out the demo especially at the end.



Rainbow Rabbit Production Ribbon Penetration Thru Body
Rainbow Rabbit ProductionRibbon Penetration Thru Body
Every magician is supposed to produce a rabbit from his hat. The rabbits are Silk Screened on Metal! Comes with a folding stand! The backs can be changed to whatever prediction or child's name you want!Two spectators pull a silk ribbon through a Magician's body. Perfect for adding a little holiday flash to any show.



Sammy The Seal Santa Surprise
Sammy The SealSanta Surprise
A very funny "training trick", perfect for your program! And the best part is, this wonderful trick, which was sold out for years, we have now produced an even more beautiful design than ever before.The whole set comes in it's own special hard wearing PVC carry case for easy transportation. This is an absolute must for any professional or amateur children's entertainer and an ideal addition to any children's and family Christmas shows. Check out the demo!



The Christmas Present The Gingerbread Man (forgetful)
The Christmas PresentThe Gingerbread Man (forgetful)
A holiday-themed version of Ralph E. Powell's classic "ABC Stung!" trick.A cut out of a gingerbread man is seen to be standing on the magician's table. He is holding an inflated balloon. The magician tells the story of how the Gingerbread Man lost his head. During this story, the magician removes the gingerbread man's...



The Traveling Pencils Things That Go Scratch In The Night
The Traveling PencilsThings That Go Scratch In The Night
A perfect routine for Kids Shows, Parlor and Stage Magic. Great for Kid Magicians, Entertainers, Clowns, Comedians and MC's. The Kit come complete with two special gimmicked boxes, pencils, instructional DVD and everything you will need to perform this entertaining routine. Watch Demo!Scratch for magic! Kids won't believe their eyes as they follow the steps on 40 scratchable cards, watch the magic unfold, and then scratch for the eye-popping reveals! Written by a professional magician, these amazing tricks will keep kids awestruck for hours.



X-Ray Wand Abbotts Hippity Hop Rabbits
X-Ray WandAbbotts Hippity Hop Rabbits
This is a funny card revelation! Packs small, plays big!Finally you turn the two rabbits around, and show that they are not Black and White as the audience believes, but entirely different colors Red and Green.



Abbotts Humpty Dumpty Abbotts Watch Your Step
Abbotts Humpty DumptyAbbotts Watch Your Step
We have been asked many times to produce an effect that would be suitable for tiny kids as well as older children. Well, heres one that even the smallest will appreciate and, believe it or not, big people like it too!A magic effect with a message that you can adapt to your own personality. Magicians who can teach kids as well as entertain kids will get more kid show bookings! Limited quantities.



ABC Blocks ABC Stung
ABC BlocksABC Stung
A block is removed from the dowel and placed in a top hat or other container for a few moments. The block is returned to the dowel with the other two and magically vanished, only to be found back in the top hat.This effect is becoming a classic kids routine.



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