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Poison by Quique Marduk Wishcraft Fortune telling Hand
Poison by Quique Marduk Wishcraft Fortune telling Hand
In the spirit of all the crazy reality shows featuring murder, we present poison. This holiday season I plan on performing this Christmas day as a gift to my wife (who enjoys shows like "wives and knives" & "Happily Never After"). She gets the entertainment, but I get the trick!BONUS - FREE GLORPY WHEN ORDERING THIS SET This item features a brand new way to accomplish the rapping hand effect and doesn't utilize threads, pins or electronics to activate it. Check Out Demo! This Kit is Instock and Ready to Ship



365 3D Paradox (WIZARD Style)
3653D Paradox (WIZARD Style)
Chris Congreave's take on the diary effect is an absolute killer!It's new! It's refreshing! It's Colorful! It's IMPOSSIBLE! Shufton's 3D Paradox sends their minds on holiday! Just imagine: Effect The spectator holds a sealed envelope. A card, freely selected, is signed and shuffled back into the pack. See demo for the rest...



52B Wave Abbotts Mental Epic
52B WaveAbbotts Mental Epic
A spectator chooses say the 5 of Clubs. The magi takes the blue backed deck & spreads the cards, only one card face up: it's the 5 of Clubs. Turn the 5 of Clubs face down,it's the only card with a red back. Magi spreads the deck & all card have blank face - a mind-blowing climax Check out the demo!A knockout! Complete with slate, playing cards and instructions.



Animated Nut - New Way ArcKey Bending Key
Animated Nut - New WayArcKey Bending Key
An ordinary nut and bolt is handed out for examination. The spectator is asked to thread the nut onto the very tip of the bolt. The performer holds the bolt with the nut threaded at its tip between his fingertips. The nut SLOWLY begins to VISIBLY...It's all about getting there in style. The all new ArcKey by Taiwan Ben is the ultimate in key bending. 100% self-working! Magic does NOT get any stronger than this. The entire effect can be performed in the spectator's hand. The classic key...



ATM by Michael Murray Barnum Effect (DVD and Gimmick)
ATM by Michael Murray Barnum Effect (DVD and Gimmick)
ATM combines a very clever mix of principles and ideas which will allow you to seemingly determine a spectators exact PIN number. The spectator thinks of their PIN number, you openly write four digits for the audience to see. When these numbers...DEMO - Barnum Effect : You place an envelope on the table and hand a spectator a stack of Flash Cards which can be openly shown. You ask the spectator to deal the Flash Cards face up until they choose to stop. You tell them to turn that card over and...



Best Of Larry Beckers World Of Super Mentalism II Bionik
Best Of Larry Beckers World Of Super Mentalism IIBionik
One of the finest books on mentalism ever written! It contains a total 36 outstanding mental miracles. The methods for accomplishing these bafflers is sheer simplicity. No complicated sleights. Learning effects like PSI-Stebbins, Snakes Alive,...An examined dinner knife is signed by the spectator along the handle. They hold onto the handle and can clearly see that the knife is straight. All you do is massage the blade softly causing it to bend at a 45 degree angle. Demo available



Blank Night Blindsight 2.0
Blank NightBlindsight 2.0
Penn and Teller's hit show Fool Us had a simple premise: perform an effect that the duo couldn't figure out. Only two magicians fooled Penn & Teller in the initial show, and one of those was John Archer. He did so with a smart, simple routine called "Blank Night."Blindsight 2 is an awesome effect. The thinking behind it is devious. This is something that packs flat... and plays BIG! Very colorful too. It makes for an eye pleasing presentation, as well as a mind blowing experience.



Booked Broken Wing
BookedBroken Wing
On this DVD Steve shares his closely guarded secrets, honed through thousands of real world performances. You not only tell them the WORD they are thinking of, YOU PREDICT IT! ANYWHERE, ANYTIME and with ANY BOOK. Check out the demonstration!There are no complex mechanisms to go wrong, no technology to fail, this is a pure, invisible gimmick which allows you to achieve a multitude of impossible effects with ease.



Burn Notice Cataclysm
Burn NoticeCataclysm
Pull a receipt out of your wallet, touch it to the flame of a lighter, and the spectator's thought instantly appears on the receipt! Watch DemoThis new Armageddon Edition comes complete with all the information contained on the origianal DVD + some killer bonuses!



Chinese Choice by John Archer Clip Sight
Chinese Choice by John ArcherClip Sight
Now is your chance to perform one of the most talked about routines from the critically acclaimed "Educating Archer" DVD. John Archer's Chinese Choice is not just a trick - it is a powerhouse of a routine that blends comedy and mentalism to...Clip-Sight is a utility tool that will allow you to create miracles that defy explanation.



Cobra Light Plus Cody's Comedy Book Test
Cobra Light PlusCody's Comedy Book Test
A NEW APPROACH TO A CLASSIC OF MAGIC The Mini-Magic Switchboard just got more AFFORDABLE and with a new mindreading option, dollar-for-dollar, it's truly the BEST miniature switchboard ever! ENTIRELY SELF-CONTAINED! EASY TO CARRY! COMPLETELY...Right out of Cody Fisher's corporate Stand Up act. This is simply the funniest and most effective comedy book test you can do. Three killer phases with twists, turns, hysterical wordplay and an unexpected punch at the finish. This is the only...



Con Quests Director's Cut Horror
Con QuestsDirector's Cut Horror
Long off the market, the hidden secrets of Con Quests have been found in the Abbott archive in perfect condition. A mentalism book to the nth degree, Con Quest contains about a dozen chapters on everything from blindfolds to creepshows. Over 30 effects in all!Proud to present Simon Shaw's incredible effect Director's Cut HORROR at a great price with online instructions. It is a winner and should be in the arsenal of every serious mentalist.



Don't Lie Spirit Bell Dream Time
Don't Lie Spirit BellDream Time
The effect is centuries old. It has been performed throughout the world for just as long. A spectator asks a question and the bell rings back, answering the spectators questions.A spectator now calls out any time of his choice and opens the lid of the box . The time displays the very hour called by the spectator. The effect can be repeated as often as you wish. No Force, or stooges. Performer does not touch the clock after the selected time is revealed.



Dreamweaver Card Dunes Day Prophecy
Dreamweaver CardDunes Day Prophecy
Being able to tap into one of the most personal parts of your participant's mind... their dreams! With the Dreamweaver card, you can do just that!No Force, Different dream symbol every time, Nothing is written down, No questions are asked, No progressive anagrams, No fishing, No "dual reality"Comes complete with commemorative Dunes Casino poker chips, a collectible playing card used at the original Dunes, a custom designed Lambskin wallet and photo-illustrated instructions. Check out the demo!



Encyclopedia of Mentalism and Mentalists ESP Chips
Encyclopedia of Mentalism and MentalistsESP Chips
This Encyclopedia contains nearly 600 pages of must-have information on performing feats of Mentalism.This trick can be learned easily and even can be presented in different ways many times.



Examined Blindfold Exploding Light Bulb
Examined BlindfoldExploding Light Bulb
The very definition of packs flat and plays big. The spectator ties the blindfold on you (after examining it) and you are able to see even though the spectator examined it.This is a strong affect your audience will remember for a long long time!



F1 Wallet Food for Thought
F1 WalletFood for Thought
The F1 Wallet Opens Up New Possibilities. Imagine getting a signed card in to a wallet That Has Been Held by Your Spectator.No carbons used or secret impression devices of any kind. The person is only give one stiff card to write on. Baffling beyond words. This effect fooled almost everyone who saw it at Devin's Lecture.



Four Told Fractured
Four ToldFractured
Read four peoples minds at once!Make glass items explode with the power of your mind! Easy to do...anywhere, anytime!



Freaks by Paul Prater Friend Book
Freaks by Paul PraterFriend Book
A simple to perform routine hearkening back to the days of the sideshow that allows you to connect with one audience member. In the days of the sideshow, performers were celebrities. Some were fabulously wealthy and some were not. Regardless,...This could quite possibly be the most commercial trick ever invented. FriendBook could do for magic what FaceBook has done for social networking!



Genetics by Sean Goodman Ghost Alarm Clock
Genetics by Sean GoodmanGhost Alarm Clock
Simple to perform, immediately resets and packs a punch! And it's DIFFERENT!!!!!! You receive a set of specially produced quality cards in a plastic wallet together with an instructional DVD. Check out the Demo!The Ghost Alarm Clock is a one of a kind item that will add excitement, mystery & wonder to your show. This antique alarm clock is the link between you, your audience and the spirit world. With this extremely versatile gimmick you will be able to perform for audiences of one to one thousand!



Ghost It Notes Prediction Pad Glance
Ghost It Notes Prediction PadGlance
This incredible pad of paper, combined with a natural characteristic of the human body, delivers a powerful dose of magic. Included are TWO PACKS of Ghost It Notes (one white, one canary yellow)Glance brings you an entirely prepared contemporary news magazine. Wrap it with any current magazine cover and you will have one of the most potent weapons available to the performing mentalist: an ordinary object that allows you to do extraordinary things. Check out the demo



Headline Prediction (Pro Series Vol 8) by Paul Romhany HEADLINE! (DVD and Gimmicks) by Murray Hatfield
Headline Prediction (Pro Series Vol 8) by Paul RomhanyHEADLINE! (DVD and Gimmicks) by Murray Hatfield
Every time Romhany takes his one man show to a new city he gets FREE newspaper publicity because he involves a local celebrity AND a local newspaper. It is also a great sell to corporate clients, check out why.The Magician has a volunteer select a card which is then lost in the deck. The magician appears to have trouble finding it. Just when it looks like the card is lost for good - both the NAME of the CARD and the NAME of the SPECTATOR are discovered in the HEADLINE of the daily paper! DEMO!



Heavy Handed Hellstromism
Heavy HandedHellstromism
This unique sensory illusion happens in the spectator’s mind. It is a one-on-one effect that completely fools and shocks the brain. It makes a powerful impact that will be long remembered by your audiences and friends. Demo by Greg BordnerGive yourself the thrill of a lifetime - make that next performance of yours bring them to their feet - and you can do it!



Hellstromism Book Horrors by Richard Osterlind
Hellstromism BookHorrors by Richard Osterlind
Give yourself the thrill of a lifetime - make that next performance of yours bring them to their feet - and you can do it! Hellstromism is an authentic copy of the telepathic instructions received by Axel Hellstrom in GermanyYou really appear to read the mind of the spectator! Richard applied his original thinking to both props & routine. You will have the entire system down in less than half an hour! The cards are larger than playing cards & made of heavy stock & the envelope they are carried in is quite special.



Instant Download - F.R.A.U.D. Instant Fortune Teller
Instant Download - F.R.A.U.D.Instant Fortune Teller
Dr. Sigmund Fraud, that is! His collected works (this book) will provide a classic touch of both dramatic and comedy mentalism that will lift your presentations above the crowdThe sitter (spectator) thinks of a question, and after the tarot cards are dealt into a spread the Fortune Teller instantly answers their question. Nothing is written down or spoken by the spectator but somehow the Fortune Teller knows all! BUT HOW!?



Intuition System by Steve Fearson Lift DVD by Nefesch
Intuition System by Steve FearsonLift DVD by Nefesch
Imagine being able to predict the answer your audience will give to ANY QUESTION. Over and over again, with 100% accuracy. This is Fearson's Intuition System. Check outs Steve's demonstration of the effect!Can you lift your own hand? Imagine being able to know what a person is thinking of by JUST lifting your own hand! Perform endless Mentalism effects using this ONE, single method!



Lightning Lotto Square by Leo Smetsers and Alakazam Magic
LightningLotto Square by Leo Smetsers and Alakazam Magic
With Lightning, you'll be prepared to make a light bulb spontaneously LIGHT. The light bulb can be in your hand, or far away from you. It's been specially designed to flicker and grow in intensity as your psychic energy builds. Perform in living rooms, all the way up to large stages. Demo!From the creative mind of Leo Smetsers comes Lotto Square. A deviously simple close-up magic/lucky square routine, that you will carry with you everywhere! Leo has been performing his Lotto Square routine for years and we are pleased he has...



Magic Speller (Spelling Test) Marked Jumbo ESP Deck with Bonus ESP Book
Magic Speller (Spelling Test)Marked Jumbo ESP Deck with Bonus ESP Book
Solid wood with plexi window. Alphabet Cards included, also extra common letter cards.Free ESP Booklet with each order of the Jumbo Marked ESP Decks



Back in Stock This is the sixth edition of the best-selling book test that many professionals use in their close-up and stand-up shows. It is quick, direct and easy to present. Check out the demo by Greg who baffles his webmaster with this gem of an effect.In spite of the fact that the cubes are small, since the letters size is big enough to be legible from distance, the effect can also be performed to a larger audience.



Mental Epic Large Mental Epic Pad (Props and DVD)
Mental Epic LargeMental Epic Pad (Props and DVD)
Straight Forward Classic Mentalism The magician makes three predictions on a slate of three words or numbers selected by three members of the audience. These predictions are found to be absolutely correct! Demo!It's Time To Make Your Performance Epic!!



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