Sideshow Sponsorship

Sideshow Sponsorship
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Price $200.00
For as little as $200 you can sponsor a sideshow event at the 80th Get Together. The sideshow will take place before the evening show and also at the intermission of the evening show. There will be 4 sideshow presentations, each with different events each night so no two shows will even be close to being the same. To fully sponsor one show will cost $400. To share a show with another sponsor will cost $200. Here is what you receive for your sponsorship.

- Inclusion in the new book Abbott Magic and the American Sideshow. You can write an article about your own experience with the sideshow or you can simply give us an ad and we will include it in the book (the book is over 400 pages and will sell for $25. The only ads will be the sponsors in this book).

- You will also receive a copy of the above mentioned book free as a "thank you" from Abbott’s Magic.

- Select which charity the proceeds will go to. Entrance to the sideshow will be donations and these donations will go to whatever charity you like. If it is a split sponsorship half the money from that night will go to the charity of your choice (the other half going to the other sponsors charity selection)

- A copy of your ad or sign will be displayed on one side of the entrance to the sideshow. If a full sponsorship your ad or sign will be displayed on both sides. If you do not have a sign or poster to promote your business we will print your ad and display that. - Your sponsorship will be announced at the beginning and the end of that evening’s sideshow event.

This is a special event that is being hosted to celebrate our 80th Get Together and you can be a part of the history forever. As always we will be encouraging press, media, and television coverage so you may get more exposure with your sponsorship than you expect.

Keith Stickley, from the “Great American Sideshow” will be heading this project; he is the same magician who brought to you the “Girl to Gorilla” event last year. All acts will be tasteful and family oriented and we expect this event not only to deliver more folks to this year’s celebration but also offer them a fun experience with an American event that is becoming more and more increasing difficult to find in this internet based era we live in. We hope you will be a part of this fascinating and what we hope to be Historical event! For more information contact Greg Bordner (269 432 3235) at Abbott’s Magic Co.