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Collectible - German Magic Catalog Gently Used 3D Rabbit Box
Collectible - German Magic CatalogGently Used 3D Rabbit Box
This is a German book that does have a date inside if you read German. "Gruppe 8, 2825" I don't read German, but this book is really cool anyway. It has some awesome drawings inside and has descriptions of the tricks. It's just full of tricks to...SOLD



Gently Used Crystal Silk Cylinder Gently Used Mutilated Parasol
Gently Used Crystal Silk CylinderGently Used Mutilated Parasol



Gently Used Rice Clown Silk Gently Used Rice Pattern Silk
Gently Used Rice Clown SilkGently Used Rice Pattern Silk
Sale Price - This clown silk measure 36" and has a black SKS marking on it so it is Rice. A beautifully made silk with top quality workmanship.Sale Price - This Rice silk measures 21 1/2" square. Beautiful pattern with vivid colors. Lots of flash for the money.



Gently Used Rice Pattern Silk Gently Used Thin Model Sawing
Gently Used Rice Pattern SilkGently Used Thin Model Sawing
Sale Price - This silk has a dark purple corner. It has no Rice markings on it but has the same vivid colors of the other 21 1/2" silk, so assume it is. Asking $30 for a quick sale.Complete effect, breaks down for packing and assembly. Looks to be in great to mint condition. This is without a doubt a reputation maker. High rez pics allow you to take a closer look. Shipping is FOB or pickup



Gently Used Tipsy Turby Bottle Set Gently Used Twin Dove In Balloon
Gently Used Tipsy Turby Bottle SetGently Used Twin Dove In Balloon
The effect is similar to tricky bottles, but different. This is in fair to good condition and is very rare. Check out demo by Greg Bordner.This is a very gently used twin dove production that could be sold as new, its that perfect. This trick has flash, surprise and mystery - and you can work it surrounded! An artistically decorated upright open frame is displayed. A balloon is...



Reverse Auction Vanishing Bird Cage (Jay Marshall Collectible) Used Basket Girl - SOLD
Reverse Auction Vanishing Bird Cage (Jay Marshall Collectible)Used Basket Girl - SOLD
This is the Blackstone vanishing bird cage that was owned by Jay Marshall (certificate of authenticity)and made by Blackstone's brother Pete Bouton. The cage still works and has a unique catch so that it is easily removable. This is a reverse...SOLD



Used flying carpet, in great shape and works like a champ. This is a great effect for stage and platform and works very well with kids.SOLD



Vintage Artistic Table Vintage Flagstaff and Flag
Vintage Artistic TableVintage Flagstaff and Flag
The entire outfit comes apart for packing, with the legs folding flat. Very attractive and modern looking in appearance and made entirely of wood. Light in weight and artistically finished.Vintage Flagstaff production with American flag. This prop is in excellent condition. Flash magic at its best! The sudden and unexpected appearance of a rigid flagstaff and flag never fails to bring rounds of applause. Can be easily operated with...



Vintage Ultimate Dove Vanish Chop Chop Confetti Bowl to Dove
Vintage Ultimate Dove VanishChop Chop Confetti Bowl to Dove
In one of his Jack Gwynne's performances, before a convention of magicians, he performed what many believed to be his own classic - The Tipover Vanish. But his climax was so surprising & sensational that his bewildered audience responded with a standing ovation!This is very rare and such a cool prop.



Collectible - 1987 50th Get Together Program and Tickets Used Book - One Hundred By Warlock
Collectible - 1987 50th Get Together Program and TicketsUsed Book - One Hundred By Warlock
A collectors dream, the 50th Get Together Program and tickets to lectures and shows.Used but in Mint Condition and collectible



Used Find The Lady Tenyo China Surprise
Used Find The LadyTenyo China Surprise
SOLD However check out the demo by Percy Abbott, its one of the smoothest I have seen with the Find A Lady props.Push a sheet of tissue paper into your closed fist. On top of the tissue, you place a small green ball. Make a magical gesture, and... the tissue has transformed magically into a delicious looking shumai dumpling!



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