$10 Stocking Stuffer Pixie Glass

$10 Stocking Stuffer Pixie Glass
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  • Item #: holidaypixie
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $10.00

Quality yet inexpensive and small magic that should fit into most stockings

A cleverly constructed glass made of clear lucite plastic. For a milk routine the effects possible with this glass offer many interesting and entertaining possibilities.

Glass is shown filled with milk. And then, with everyone watching, the milk visibly disappears - a beautiful magical effect. In a second effect, the glass is shown empty and in full view will gradually fill itself to the brim. For a third effect, the milk is poured into a paper cone (ala the Milk Pitcher) until the glass is empty. When the cone is opened out, the milk has vanished. A fourth effect is possible with the use of two glasses, and is a combination of the visible vanish and the visible appearance effects - the milk apparently transposing from one glass to the other. For a fifth effect, the milk visibly vanishes and leaves behind an egg - an unexpected transformation.