3 Great Books at 1 Low Cost

3 Great Books at 1 Low Cost
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  • Item #: Holiday Special
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $35.00
TALK REGULAR $12.50 Within its seventy-nine (8 1/2" x 11") pages are hundreds of routines and ideas for the talking trixter and magic/ comedian. Purchased separately these six volumes would cost more than twenty-five dollars! Now, this soft cover, printed edition can be yours for a very economical price...thus proving that, once again, "Talk" is cheap!

CHINESE MAGIC REGULAR $7.50 A collection of new, startling and sensational mysteries ... twenty feature tricks. Included are: The Chinese Screen Production; Baskets, Confetti and Doves; Parasol Production; Chinese Rope Trick; Ribbon and Hat; Gong Silk Production; Chinese Water Cups; Mystery Foulard; Beads of Chen-Lee; Flower Garden Illusion, etc. Chinese magic has color and mystery and eye appeal. Written by U. F. Grant.

ILLLUSION SHOW KNOW HOW $15.00 There are thirty-one detailed line drawings giving exact measurements for building props and scenery, plus seventy-three photographs. You’ll learn all the secrets of backstage life plus the KNOWHOW that ordinarily takes a lifetime to learn. Here you have all the KNOW-HOW of the ILLUSION SHOW. This will be one of your favorite books. Even though you may never take out “the big one” you’ll be enlightened to its inner workings. Even if you do just a small act you’ll still learn much valuable KNOW-HOW. Several years in preparation, never before has such a complete and authoritative book on touring a big show been published. The profession demanded it. Ken and Roberta Griffin created it and Abbott’s have published it and offer it to you for your enlightenment and glorification. Highly recommended!