AGA Levitation

AGA Levitation
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  • Item #: ABBagalevchad
  • Manufacturer: Abbotts/Chadwick
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This levitation illusion is a "through the curtain" type of levitation machine. Traditionally named an "aga levitation," this method is perhaps one of the oldest and most sound methods of accomplishing this classic magic feat. Utilizing machine shop tolerances and a state of the art lifting mechanism, the illusion can be performed virtually anywhere there is a backdrop. Curtains can include the pre-hung drapery of a theater stage, or a simple pipe and drape type trade show curtain that the magician can bring himself. Additionally, the illusion has been built with a gooseneck principle so that any ordinary hoola-hoop may be used to sway the audience from suspicion that support is coming from the upstage curtain area.

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