Abbotts Acrobatic Silks

Abbotts Acrobatic Silks
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  • Item #: ABBacrosilks
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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This prize winning effect by Walter Smith has color, flash and mystery. It can be picked up and worked in the hands, close-up and surrounded. A wooden rod, 14" long and 1.5" in diameter is displayed. Three 18" silks hang down from the rod. Two are matching dark colors and one (on end) is a contrasting lighter color. The magician causes the light color silk (the "acrobatic" silk) to jump form one end to the other - but not to the satisfaction of the audience as he does this by placing the rod and silks behind his back. To please his demanding audience, the performer holds the rod in front of his body and asks where they would like to see the light color silk jump to. They always answer, "The middle!" Suddenly and visibly, the light color silk jumps to the center position. Just the rod and three silks are used. Nothing else. No threads, swivels, wires, or springs - and everything can be examined! This effect is truely baffling. Just watch their expressions when you hand it out for examination. Nothing is concealed or palmed away - you only use the rod and the three sliks. A Magicians dream come true.