Abbotts Blankety Blank Routine

Abbotts Blankety Blank Routine
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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A card chosen from a borrowed, shuffled deck appears at any number thought of. While shuffling the cards the backs of the cards disappear and then reappear. Next, any card thought of vanishes from the deck-in fact all the faces of all the cards are shown to be blank! But the deck is not ruined-with a wave of his hand the deck is restored to its original condition and returned to its owner. An impromptu miracle! A startling series of surprises presented on the spur of the moment! Remember -a borrowed deck is used. This effect is weird and uncanny, yet requires little skill. We supply explicit directions, pattern, and special gimmick. You supply a minimum of practice and the result is a worthwhile accomplishment in card entertainment. By Howard P. Albright.