Abbotts Blendo Square

Abbotts Blendo Square
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  • Item #: ABBsqblendo
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $125.00
This is a brand-new version of a sure fire applause getting classic Blendo silk effect. Three 18" silk squares, red, blue and yellow, are shown separately. They are gathered together and visibly transformed into a gorgeous 36" square silk. "All Square Blendo" uses Abbotts Eccentric Squares rainbow silk which is a riot of color. The method used is improved and clever and much simpler than standard blendo methods. It is very easy to do. It is easily re-set in minutes. There are no difficult folds to learn. At the end of the effect the large silk may be shown on both sides and may be used for further productions (flowers, doves, fish bowls, etc.) "All Square Blendo" is self-contained. There are no pulls and nothing is added or taken away. Its very showy and mysterious - a real flash! No body work, no awkward moves and practically self-working. Complete with all pure silk handkerchiefs and instructions.

A Duke Stern idea.