Abbotts Botaniette

Abbotts Botaniette
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  • Item #: ABBbotaniette
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $475.00

This effect is an Abbott original both in treatment and design. Please note that both ends of the tube are shown freely to the audience. They can see completely through the tube. If desired, you can first make a silk production from the tube. Then display the flowerpot, place the tube on the pot, remove the tube and you now have a beautiful flower growth. This production consists of twelve large size blooms. The total spread is approximately 15" spherical and the total production stands 21" high. All this from a tube measuring 3 1/2" x 9".

You could close a club or platform act with Botaniette and be assured of sustained applause. The entire effect originated at the Abbott plant and consists of a metal tube, lacquered in blue with a gold palm tree design and a metal flowerpot decorated in red and black. The flower growth is made from the best quality feathers in a mixture of assorted bright colors. This unit takes up very little space, is entirely self-contained and takes only seconds to prepare for presentation.