Abbotts Break Away Wand

Abbotts Break Away Wand
  • Item #: ABBbreakwand
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $12.50
A wand, held in the hand, suddenly wilts and hangs in a broken (and comical) condition. The magician takes this wand from the volunteer assistant, restores it to its original shape, taps it to prove it is solid and hands it back to the boy. To his surprise, it breaks again. While in this wobbly condition it is waved over the trick being performed, etc.

Note: This prop now comes in a combination regular/locking style. The locking style Breakaway Wand is designed with an extra (removable) device so that it may be handled freely and as a rigid, solid, regular wand throughout your show. It will, when the device is flipped out of position, behave like a regular Breakaway Wand. The wand, following instructions, may also be used without the added device.