Abbott’s Canary Cats

Abbott’s Canary Cats
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Abbott’s Canary Cats $15 – What was old, is new again! We found several sets of these original, bridge-size-edition Canary Cats cards so that you can perform this great effect close-up. Or add it to your vintage Abbott magic collection. From the original instructions:

“ Tell a story concerning one optimistic Canary and four hungry Cats. Because the philosophy of the Cat Union was opposed to optimism on the part of Canaries, they decided to do something. They invited said Canary to a game of Canasta but decided on ‘Hide and Seek.’ “Unfair,” said the Canary, “it’s four to one.” The Cat leader, Gloomy Gus agreed and sent one of the cats for a jug of java. Dicky Bird said “Don’t look while I hide.” When they were separated they were sure Dicky Bird was trapped in the middle. In order to make it more fair they eliminated another cat. So the Cats and Canary ran ‘round and ‘round. As each card is turned, shown, it is not Dicky Bird—only another cat. Where is the Canary? Safely tucked away in the envelope, as optimistic as ever. He beat the cats at their own game. MORAL: The Canary who laughs and runs away, lives to chirp another day. “