Abbotts Card Sword

Abbotts Card Sword
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  • Item #: ABBcardsword
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $400.00

Abbotts Card Sword, in appearance, is a slender, rapier-type blade with hilt and handle. It is beautifully made. All the objections of the old fashioned card swords have been overcome in this model. No cards are concealed by folding them against the handle. You can handle the sword casually and carelessly and still have full control over the cards and their release. This card sword comes complete with a hardwood carrying case.

In the standard effect, three cards are freely selected (and we give you a no skill method for accomplishing this) and these cards are returned to the deck. A spectator throws or showers the cards into the air. As the cards fall the performer thrusts the sword into them and the three chosen cards are impaled on the sword. This effect may be done close up and surrounded.