Abbotts Casket of Pandora

Abbotts Casket of Pandora
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  • Item #: ABBcasofpan
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $105.00

This excellent piece of apparatus can be used in many ways--as a production, a vanish or to exchange articles. It is lightweight, strong and sparkles in iridescent beauty. It is laminated between layers of clear plastic to ensure the sparkle will not chip off. Produce silks, confetti, or perhaps a white dove. The load capacity is one six-foot silks or four 36" silks or a large load of smaller silks and streamers. Use it with the Mutilated Parasol in place of the handbag. A piece of rope or ribbon can be cut and placed inside the casket and later removed restored. Flower seeds poured into the empty casket change to spring flowers. The Casket of Pandora is nine and one-half inches tall and three and one-fourth inches in diameter. A quality prop! A versatile utility device.