Abbotts Classic Production

Abbotts Classic Production
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  • Item #: ABBclsicprdctn
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $10,000.00
SOLD If you have seen the tour of Abbotts, this is the prop the woodshop was working on that you saw partially complete.

With this apparatus you assemble all the pieces right on stage in full view of the audience. First comes a huge production of silks. The production box is then taken apart and shown empty. And then, even though the spectators have seen every piece fitted together twice, you produce from the box a pair of rabbits or six doves or a rooster. The size of the box is approximately 12"x10"x6". The silk production is really a separate unit as the outfit is double-faked, yet practical in every respect. Can be worked close-up and it is an asset to any stage setting as it is beautiful in design and finish. A deluxe model three fold screen is included with this outfit.