Abbotts Deluxe Die Box

Abbotts Deluxe Die Box
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  • Item #: ABBdeldiebx
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $200.00

Abbott's Deluxe Die Box combines the highest grade workmanship with several modern features which make this the best possible buy. The die is openly placed in the box and may be shown in the box at any time during the routine. After all the sucker by-play of "on the other side", "open all the doors", etc., called out by the audience, the magician shows the box to be absolutely empty and produces the die from a borrowed hat. Abbott's Deluxe Die Box is a beauty with deluxe brass knobs and hinges. The die is approximately three inches cubical, white die with black spots. The box is fitted with a double door feature. For the performer who wants the look and feel of quality and the little extra "something" in method and presentation.