Abbotts Diablo Hank

Abbotts Diablo Hank
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  • Item #: ABBdiablo
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Great for close-up ... and just right for the stage. Most convincing for the vanish of small objects and we give you a comedy bit that is a scream. Hank is first shown both sides as in illustration. This can be done right under the noses of the spectators. The four corners are gathered together, an article is placed inside, the hank is opened out and the article has vanished! Again the hank is shown fully opened out. Hank is then held by one corner and smacked against a chair or table.

Heres comedy - Hold the hank between both hands by opposite corners (as in the illustration) and move hands from corner to corner until hank has made a complete revolution. Teach a boy assistant how to do magic. Give him a hank and ask him to do what you did. He makes a few turns successfully and then, without warning, an egg crashes to the floor! How could it come from the hank in the boys hand? (Of course, a piece of newspaper on the floor takes care of the mess.) Primarily, Diablo Hank is a new device (an updated Devils Hank) for the vanish of small objects. You will find many uses for Diablo Hank.