Abbotts Die Box

Abbotts Die Box
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  • Item #: ABBabdiebox
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $200.00

The Die and the Box are examined simultaneously at the beginning of the trick! A hat (or box) is shown to be empty. The Die is placed into the box (there is no sliding weight in the bottom of the box nor are any double-door principles used). Yet, the audience not only hears the Die slide ... they actually see it! The magician appears frustrated and quickly closes both doors. Eventually all the doors are opened and the box is shown empty. The Die is reproduced from the hat!

Points to be appreciated: There is no sliding gimmick in the box - yet the sound of the sliding Die is heard when desired! The spectators can see the Die in the box - yet there are no double-door principles involved! The Die actually slides back and forth in the box -there is no center wall or panel to prevent this! The Die is approximately three inches cubical, lacquered in red with black spots. The box is of natural wood finish, strong and substantial, with metal fittings. This is the simplest method to perform this classic effect ever produced ... and the most mystifying!