Abbotts Dove to Silk Sensation

Abbotts Dove to Silk Sensation
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  • Item #: ABBdvesilksnsat
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $50.00
The magician displays a handsome cloth mat on both sides. It is folded in half and within the center fold is placed a real live dove. The mat is suddenly snapped open and high into the air flutters a white shape - it is a white silk handkerchief. The dove has vanished! The mat is shown flat on both sides. The effect is that of the dove changing to the hank in mid-air. This may be performed surrounded. This is not a ?good-night? style banner. There are no flaps, no Velcro, no snaps, etc. There are no body loads and it is easy to do. This apparatus could also be used to change three small colored silks to a large blended color silk - red, white and blue silks change to a flag - the separate silks from the Improved Mutilated Parasol trick change to the parasol cover, etc. The mat measures approximately 19" x 32" and comes complete with instructions. (No dove or silk is supplied.)