Abbotts Duck Bucket

Abbotts Duck Bucket
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  • Item #: ABBdckbckt
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $250.00
The magical performer displays an hexagonal-shaped wooen bucket. This device is over twelve inches tall and is twelve inches in diameter at its base (and nearly fifteen inches in diameter at the top). It is made from selected hardwoods and is trimmed with brass hardware. The half-lid at the top is unclasped and opened to show the completely empty interior of the bucket. This display may be done close-up and surrounded. The lid is closed and a magical gesture is made over the bucket. Instantly, as soon as the door can be once again opened, a large (and usually vocal) duck is seen to be occupying the entire inside space of the bucket! As you must know ducks are funny to audiences (think of a current, popular, comedic commercial running on TV), and this production is both puzzling and entertaining. We recommend Abbott's Surrounded Duck Vanish in conjunction with the Duck Bucket.