Abbotts Duck Production

Abbotts Duck Production
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  • Item #: ABBdckprd
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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This outfit is a beauty and the effect is really, really big! An attractive, decorated, stand is shown - also a small tub and two solid wooden trays. All parts are separate and are assembled, placing one tray on the stand, the tub on this tray and using the second tray as a cover or lid. A shot is fired, the top tray is knocked to one side and three live ducks make their appearance in the tub! Water may be poured into the tub before the production and the ducks then appear to be swimming in the water. Any other kind of livestock (of similar size) can be used. An easy to do trick that positively will get results - laughter and applause. An Abbott quality product finished in lacquer with attractive and original designs.