Abbotts Dukes Dye Version

Abbotts Dukes Dye Version
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  • Item #: ABBdukedyever
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $275.00
Dukes Dye Version. This trick brings the term packs flat and plays big to a whole new level! It can also be specifically tailored to your audience with a custom message or logo, and can be performed close up, on stage, or any venue in between. A tube of paper, about a foot long, is shown. From it the magician pulls out 5 15" silks. Two spectators assist and are handed 2 silks each. The last silk is tied around the tube. The four silks are replaced in the tube one by one. The spectators are asked to remember the order of the silks. A small portion of the silks stick out each end of the tube. The spectators are asked to take hold of the visible ends of silk and slowly pull in opposite directions. As they pull and pull, it is apparent that a change has taken place, for each now holds opposite ends of a 24 foot long rainbow silk streamer. The tube of paper is now unrolled revealing nothing inside, except for the custom message printed on the paper. The paper can be left as a memento, so be sure your contact info is printed on it as well!