Abbotts Elusive Bunny Box Jumbo

Abbotts Elusive Bunny Box Jumbo
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  • Item #: ABBbnnybxjmbo
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $325.00
Large version of the Elusive Bunny Box, this box Measures about 14 x 11 x 13.5

Available in Classic Red or Wood Stain

This effect can be a feature in your repertoire! It can be performed surrounded, no angles to worry about. It can be performed at any time during your show. The performer displays a box and opens its two front doors. Inside the box is a silk handkercief. This is removed and displayed. It bears the stenciled drawing of a rabbit. The silk is replaced in the box and a corner of the silk is poked out of a hole in the box lid. The front doors are closed--the silk is removed and when again displayed the drawing of the rabbit has disappeared! The front doors are opened and filling the box is a live rabbit! The box will hold a five or six pound rabbit! Silk can be supplied with a rabbit design--specify when ordering. A Wally Reid creation.