Abbotts Flexible Glass

Abbotts Flexible Glass
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  • Item #: ABBflexglass
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $85.00
Invented by Oswald Rae. Brought to America by Stuart Robson by arrangement with Max Andrews of London, England. A mirror is inserted into a wooden frame, measuring 10" x 14". This frame is now wrapped in paper, newspaper or placed into a large mailing envelope. Wands, pencils, knitting needles, etc., are now pushed through the paper (and the mirror). To show how it was possible to do this the magician explains that the mirror is flexible. He then proceeds to bend the mirror back and forth along its length! When the paper is removed, the mirror is seen to be unharmed and may even be passed out for examination by the audience. A shocker ... and it?s all done with mirrors!