Abbotts Garden of Flowers Gigantic

Abbotts Garden of Flowers Gigantic
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  • Item #: ABBgrdnflrgigantic
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $4,000.00
A tremendous flash opening or closing effect! The magician's assistant hands him a beautiful production cloth. He shows it on both sides, then readches into its folds and produces an Abbott's Gigantic Bouquet! This is followed by the production of a second, third and fourth bouquet! Each bouquet is 24" high, 28" in diameter and consists of 21 large blooms. Cloth is self-contained and this effect may be performed surrounded. This is the ultimate in Garden of Flowers productions. Standard outfit consists of one red, one yellow and two variegated bouquets, fancy cloth and instructions. Abbott's is your source for all feather flower needs. Pictured here is young Rylee holding a bouquet from a Gigantic Garden. If you want to fill a stage or just produce a single bloom, Abbott's has you covered. We have made custom bouquets for Lance Burton. Even a large company based around a "BIG EARED MOUSE" (not mentioning any names), has come to us for custom feather flowers. Add some color to YOUR act today.