Abbotts Genii Tube

Abbotts Genii Tube
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  • Item #: ABBgentube
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $80.00
This apparatus will give you a foolproof silk production - close-up and surrounded. There is nothing better for single silks or streamers and, best of all, the Genii Tube may be opened out to permit the audience to see the entire interior. In the presentation the tube is opened, shown empty, closed and a number of silks are produced. The tube is again opened and shown empty, closed and more silks appear. Or, the silks may be vanished. A red silk placed into the tube changes to a blue silk, etc. A self-contained prop. Capacity is ten 12" silks. Tube is lacquer finished metal construction. 7 1/4" in height.