Abbotts Ghost Walks

Abbotts Ghost Walks
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $600.00
A flat board is shown. This board is coffin-shaped and is fitted with a series of metal grommetted holes. It is lacquer finished and bears the outline of a life-size skeleton. The performer explains that the skeleton represents to "ghost" of a now-departed escape artist.

The board, together with a length of plated chain and a padlock are carefully examined. The magician stands with his back to the board and permits members of the audience to fasten him securely to the board by means of the chain and padlock. As the chains are passed through he metal reinforced holes the sound emitted is very spooky. After he has been bound and locked securely in place the magician calmly walks free of the chains - and this is accomplished in full view! The board measures approximately 30" x 72" and breaks down for packing. Outfit includes floor braces so that unit stands upright without support for display. Breaks down for packing - can be set-up in minutes.