Abbotts Goofus Plant

Abbotts Goofus Plant
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  • Item #: ABBgoofplnt
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $500.00
The spectators see a classy-looking flower pot resting on the stage and growing out of it is an odd-looking plant stalk approximately twenty inches tall. The wilted and scraggly leaves and the twisted stalk emphasize the sickly and dead appearance of the plant. The magician picks up a watering can and, with a smile of confidence, says, ?This is a specimen to the Goofus Tree. All it needs is a little water and then watch it grow!? He sprinkles the stalk with the watering can and - nothing happens! ?Okay,? says the performer, ?You can?t expect miracles all the time.? He proceeds with his next effect.

This business with the watering can is repeated a number of times (a running gag in a magic act is always good). Finally the magician says, ?I know the trouble. It needs lots and lots of water!? Again he sprinkles - Bang! Biff! Bang! Wham! Three huge worms (spring snakes) each nearly five feet long, spring high into the air and, at the same time, the sickly looking stalk changes into a beautiful flower growth! The bouquet is 24 inches tall and 30 inches in diameter with extra large flowers. Made from our best quality feather flowers. This smash climax is a surprise which will bring forth terrific applause and laughter. The perfect finish to a club act and you don?t have to be a comedian or act funny. The apparatus and the routine supply the laughs. Comes complete with flower pot, scraggly stalk plant, bouquet of flowers, watering can and three worms (snakes) and instructions.