Abbotts Improved Last Card

Abbotts Improved Last Card
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  • Item #: ABBimplascard
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $100.00
SOLD OUT FOR NOW NEW NEW NEW -We are now including David Seebach's exclusive routine which makes this effect even more mind blowing than before!

A Jack Hughes creation, four cards are secured under each of the clips on the stand, the magician explains that the last card remaining will be the chosen card, and that as a color is named, the cards clipped on that color will be removed and eliminated. Three colors are called, one at a time and their cards are removed. The remaining four cards are re-distributed so that one card lies under each of the four clips. Once again the spectator calls out the colors and the cards are removed until only one card remains clipped to the stand. When the chosen card is named, the card on the stand is turned around and it is the selection!