Abbotts In Case

Abbotts In Case
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  • Item #: ABBincase
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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A pack of cards is removed from its case. The case is closed and left in view on the table,. A card is chosen, noted,and placed back into the deck reversed. A spectator deals through the pack, counting the cards, checking for duplicates, When he comes to the reversed card he sets it aside, Later, when he turns over the reversed card he finds, to his astonishment that it is not his chosen card! Instead it is a blank faced card on which is printed, “Look inside the card case!” Following these instructions the spectator himself opens the card case (which you will remember has been in full view throughout) and there, inside the case, is his chosen card! Get away from the usual run of card tricks. This is unusual and different and you don’t have to practice this one. Includes the special printed card (which can be examined), the routine and a special something that does the trick for you. This is a trick you should always us carry-just In Case!