Abbotts Invisible Dove Harness

Abbotts Invisible Dove Harness
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  • Item #: ABBinvdvhrness
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $30.00
With this professionally-made apparatus, a live dove can be produced bare-handed without the cover of silks, newspapers, tubes or boxes. This device may, however, be incorporated with other apparatus including display rings, fans of cards or with an appearing cane. The Invisible Dove Harness comes complete with harness, body holder bag, body loader (indispensable for this type of production) and explicit instructions.

In addition, you receive suggestions for using this device with the appearing cane, the torch to cane, torch and silk to cane and dove, bare-handed balloon to dove, Super Needled Balloon to dove (a perfect finale for this fine effect), the dove and golf ball (or billiard ball) finale plus several more suggestions for use with standard props