Abbotts Kling Klang

Abbotts Kling Klang
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  • Item #: ABBklikla
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $40.00
We offer an improved version of this effect with a comedy finish. The magician displays a clear tumbler, a colored silk hank and a real egg. He places the egg in the tumbler and covers both with an ordinary pocket handkerchief. He then causes the silk to disappear by rubbing it between his hands - and, in its place, appears an egg. He then removes the pocket handkerchief to disclose that the colored silk handkerchief has taken the place of the egg in the tumbler

After this miraculous change takes place, the performer attempts to explain the "working" to the audience. He shows how the silk is made to disappear - by poking it into a plastic egg with a hole in its side. He suits action to his words. The audience is amused and pleased to be let in on the secret - but, they will still be completely mystified as the magician proceeds to break the egg, proving it genuine. Both hands are shown otherwise empty. Complete with tumbler, silks, special egg and instructions.