Abbotts Kuller Deck

Abbotts Kuller Deck
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  • Item #: ABBkullerd
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $25.00
This deck, created by Cecil Keech, is an absolute fooler with a novel presentation. The deck changes repeatedly from blue backed to red backed and then back to blue. Then, half the deck changes to red while the other half remains blue. One card is chosen from the blue half and the entire deck changes to red including the chosen card!

This is no "rough and smooth" setup. At the conclusion the cards may be dealt one at a time onto the table. No skill is required. It is a mechanical deck that is easy to work with. In the presentation you say that you will do a card trick that you saw another magician perform, that is, if you can remember it. Then the fun begins. You will never regret purchasing the Kuller Deck. Supplied in bridge size Aviator cards.