Abbotts Lapaloma Dove Penetration

Abbotts Lapaloma Dove Penetration
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  • Item #: ABBlapaloma
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $195.00

Dove magic is here to stay. Magicians produce and vanish doves but there aren't, ordinarily, very many other effects to do with the birds. "La Paloma" is the answer. This is not a guillotine or chopper type of effect - it is a penetration! A 7" x 9" piece of polished metal, with a hole in its center, is openly displayed and may be passed for examination. A wood stock is shown and the metal plate is slid up and down in it. The metal plate is raised - a live dove is placed into the hole in the stocks - the metal plate is dropped and immediately the top half of the stock is removed - the metal plate is lifted out from the base with the dove still in place perched in the center hole of the metal plate! A truly startling effect! The wood stock is lacquered in blue and black which contrasts nicely with the white dove and the chromed metal. Comes complete with everything, except the dove. (Note: Instead of using a dove, any object that will fit into the hole may be used - such as a balloon, a silk, a cane, etc.) A Neil Foster creation.