Abbotts Lucky Loops

Abbotts Lucky Loops
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  • Item #: ABBluckloop
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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The performer picks up a coil of rope. He separates the coils to display the rope. A single knot is tied at the ends of the rope. As he separates his hands another knot appears! Then another and another! Five knots in all are seen! A nice enough effect - but here comes the blockbuster! The lowermost knot is untied and the magician displays a small ring or loop of rope - solid and separate from the original rope! This is repeated with the next knot and the next knot until five separate loops of rope are seen! A total transformation that is different, to say the least. Do not confuse this with any other rope routine.

Once you learn the simple routine you are ready. You never add to or take away from the original rope. There are no adhesives, gimmicks, magnets, clips, snaps, etc., used. You never need to replace anything. This effect lends itself well to being performed silently to a musical background or to many patter presentations. This is one of the most refreshing and mystifying rope effects in years. Comes complete with rope and illustrated instructions. Created by Mr. Lucky of Brazil.