Abbotts Miracle Tumbler

Abbotts Miracle Tumbler
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  • Item #: ABBmirtumbler
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $100.00

No filling! No cleaning! No fuss! No bother! For packing, just pack it into your suitcase--that's all! Less than one second to set! Made of clear lucite plastic, the tumbler is nearly six inches in height and shaped like an ordinary tumbler. Originated by and made exclusively at the Abbott plant. Use it in place of the ordinary milk pitcher. You don't have to pour slowly and carefully; just tip the contents into a paper cone or paper bag, etc. Only a very little liquid is left in the tumbler after the pouring. Unusual effects and sensational tricks are possible with Abbott's Miracle Tumbler. Hold the tumbler to your mouth and drink the contents. The audience will see the milk diminish and, in less than the wink of an eyelash, the tumbler is full again! Repeat this as often as you wish. Pour the milk into a paper sack and show the sack empty. Place the nearly empty tumbler into the sack and then take it out again filled with milk as at first. Each tumbler is handmade and we guarantee it to be perfect in working and workmanship.