Abbotts Slick Post

Abbotts Slick Post
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  • Item #: ABBslckpst
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $600.00
A four-inch square post, 5'8" in height, is freely shown. Your assistant stands against the post as you fasten a rope around herneck, her waist, her legs and her ankles. These ropes fasten her to the post. A separate rope is now fastened to each of these ropes and attached to the top section of the post. There can be little doubt that the girl is securely fastened to the post. At the magician's command, the ropes fall free as the girl steps away from the post. All this action takes place in full view. The four ropes, with their knots still intact are seen hanging tied to the long rope. This is a snappy and sure-fire effect. The post is mechanically perfect and is finished in lacquer. Comes complete, including the ropes. Workshop plans are available.

Note:Shown in the picture are the Jack Table and Cocktail Shaker. They are not included with this trick.