Abbotts Spurlock Poster - Over 30 Years Old

Abbotts Spurlock Poster - Over 30 Years Old
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  • Item #: ABBspurlockps
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $10.00
We found a box full of magic from the 70's and one of the items in excellent condition were a stack of "Spurlock" posters. Spurlock appeared at the Abbott Get Together in 1973 and used these to promote his huge illusion show. These are not modern reprints but the actual poster straight from the 70's and each one over 30 years old. These make quite a collectible for your magic room or store. Each one measures 11x17 and will be shipped in a rolled state and well packed. The shipping is included in the price and we are only shipping these in the United States (Customers outside will have to contact us and get a special listing with a different price). We scanned one so you can check out the picture, they are very colorful and very well made (Spurlock spared no expense in those days). Spurlock retired in the seventies so these have probably not been seen by human eyes in an extremely long time. They are very suitable for framing!