Abbotts Super Bowl of Water Production

Abbotts Super Bowl of Water Production
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  • Item #: ABBsbowp
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $500.00
Another Abbott innovation! A popular stage effect, compact enough for the club situation yet big enough in flash to work anywhere. A great night club trick as it can be performed with the audience all around you. The magician displays a cloth foulard and drapes it over his arm with a throwing motion. A shape appears under the cloth. The performer places the contents of the foulard on a neat-appearing table. When the cloth is removed the audience sees a large texture-finished clear plastic bowl filled with water and goldfish. The bowl could also contain an iced drink or fresh fruit. The bowl measures nearly fifteen inches in diameter and is almost six inches deep ... and, because of its design, it looks even bigger! After the production the audience will notice that the bowl is bigger than the table top! Comes complete with Supersonic Table Base, table top, bowl, accessories and instructions. No cloth foulard supplied.