Abbotts Surrounded Production Box

Abbotts Surrounded Production Box
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  • Item #: ABBsrdnprdbx
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $125.00
A box designed to do exactly what its name implies ... a production box that can be performed while being completely surrounded by spectators. If you have ever wanted to produce livestock under these impossible conditions your worries are over. The front panel of the box is opened and lowered permitting a full view of the interior of the box. The box may be turned around while in this (or any) position. The top door of the box is also opened and both of the performer?s hands are seen waving back and forth inside the box - thus proving that the box is empty. The front door is closed and a large production follows: Two or three doves (or a good-sized rabbit) - or a large silk production. Actually, half the capacity of the box is usable load space! The box, which is self-contained, measures 11" x 7 1/2? x 7 1/2?. Artistically finished in a combination of colored lacquers. Note: Abbott?s Surrounded Livestock Production is perfect in combination with Abbott?s Surrounded Livestock Vanish. Both boxes are of the same size, design and color motif.