Abbotts Watch Your Step

Abbotts Watch Your Step
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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The Abbott Magic Company has acquired the American manufacturing and distribution rights from Jack Hughes for this effect. This trick will entertain young and old and, at the same time, teach a valuable and visual lesson in Safety First! Those performers who book shows for schools and childrens parties should consider Watch Your Step on the strength of that alone.

Two highly decorated wooden stands (approximately 14" x 12" x 1") are shown, and, with them, some colorful cut-outs of children, both boys and girls. The design on one stand is composed of various traffic signals; the other with a huge Red Cross on it to represent a hospital.

The magician patters about the mistakes children make every day and illustrates the consequences by transferring the cut-outs, one by one, to the hospital stand. At the finish, with a timely word of warning, advice and helpful hints, the performer magically transports the children back to their original place of safety. The hospital is empty!

A super childrens effect - with a moral - that will be enjoyed by adults as well. Can be performed quickly or slowly. There is plenty of interest compelling action throughout, accompanied, if desired, by a clever patter story in rhyme. The cut-outs allow eight safety or traffic rules to be illustrated. It can be performed under any conditions - close- up or on the stage. This effect is a time-filler - not a time-killer!