Aerial Suspension

Aerial Suspension
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  • Item #: ABBQUOaersus
  • Manufacturer: Abbotts/Chadwick
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Price $5,000.00
A most effective form of levitation that can be presented with spectators on all sides. The magician displays an ordinary looking broom and inserts the handle end to the platform. A girl assistant stands on a small stool and rests her arm on the straw of the broom. The performer makes several hypnotic passes over the girl and removes the stool. Then he lifts the girl by her feet to an angled position; then to a horizontal position, without any support other than the broom straw. She reclines as pictured in the illustration. The stool is replaced, the girl is lowered and dehypnotized. She walks away from the illusion amist the applause and wonder of the onlookers. We supply this illusion complete with two brooms, platform, and harness. Stool not included.

The harness features all steel construction for strength and rigidity (no aluminum casting to break!) and yet weighs less than ten pounds. It is a fully welded assembly (TIG) that is contour formed to the build of an average female as established by architectural graphic standards. It is assembled with top grade button head cap screws and hardened steel pivot pins. The U-shaped harness ribs are formed out of 1/8" by 2" wide steel, and the ratchet and plunger mechanism is made from 115,000 PSI tensile strength stress-proof carbon-manganese alloy steel. A full radius bullet nose makes engagement of the harness bullet into the pipe upright socket a breeze. The entire harness assembly is painted with flat black enamel to resist rust and corrosion. Wide leather straps and metal buckles attached to the ribs with machine screws and finishing washers completes the harness assembly. The upright broom is made from a five foot length of 1026 DOM steel tubing. The base measures 4-1/4" x 42" x 24" and is usually covered with formica type laminate.

One of the unique features of our Broom Suspension is the spring loaded lever release on the ratchet mechanism. By utilizing a bar to deliver lever action, we have done away with the fumbling that is traditionally associated with finding pull or hook type releases. The lever action also does away with the unmagical “ratcheting noise.” Most importantly, the lever action also eliminates the unsightly need to raise the girl up into the air and then back down slightly for the ratchet to disengage. The ratchet is made to suspend the girl into the three traditional positions; vertical, 45°, and horizontal. Our Aerial Broom Suspension provides for a clean, smooth presentation, and is a quality piece of magic apparatus that is professional in every respect. Made with special arrangement with Chadwick Illusion Fabrications, the total price is $5000 plus UPS shipping costs.

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