Ali Bongo

Ali Bongo
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  • Item #: ABBalibongo
  • Manufacturer: Fun
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Price $32.00
The original idea for this utility comedy effect came from the creative mind of LuBrent. Englands Ali Bongo added the ideas of the various colors and the surprise climax of the giant mask. After you have invited a young assistant up on stage to help you, you offer to costume him by making him a hat from paper. Your first effort is too small and it falls from his head. You offer to enlarge the hat. Not only does it become twice its original size but it changes color. Unfortunately, this new hat still falls from the child?s head. You again offer to make the hat bigger. Once again the hat increases in size and changes in color and design. By now the hat is too big for the child as it almost covers his entire head. You now turn the child, facing you, so that he can see the next change. The hat once again changes color and is placed over the child?s head. You explain that with a giant-sized hat you need a giant - and as you turn the child around - the reverse side of the hat is a funny- looking mask, in bright colors, of a funny-looking giant! The material used in the manufacture of this item was specially chosen to provide long wear and durability. The colors will not smear or fade. This is a prop you will use in every show, for years and years. A great magic effect ... at a terrific low price.