Arabian Bead Mystery

Arabian Bead Mystery
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  • Item #: ABBarabianbead
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $35.00
This could be a feature effect for any type of magic act. A beautiful string of beads is displayed and held, dangling, over an empty and unprepared glass tumbler. The necklace cord is cut and the loose beads fall into the glass. The performer pours them into his mouth - and they are then slowly drawn from the mouth - completely restrung! Positively no exchanges. Only one string of beads is used. Instead of putting the beads into the mouth the performer may retain them in the glass, swirl them around and then flip them into the air. When they are caught they are seen to be restrung! To perform this correctly you need every detail in a complete instruction sheet and the correct equipment - with our outfit you receive both! By Albenice.