Asrah in Miniature

Asrah in Miniature
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  • Item #: ABBasrahmin
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $115.00
One of the greatest levitation mysteries in the history of magic is now available in miniature form! A beautiful doll, twelve inches tall, is hypnotized and placed upon a thin couch and then covered with a cloth. The magician then causes her to rise, under the hypnotic influence, from the couch and into mid-air. The form floats above the performer's head and completely around his body (ala Zombie). Blowing upon the cloth- covered form causes it to slowly begin to float away, then it comes towards the performer, etc., etc.

A solid hoop is next passed completely over the form, thus proving that the doll has no connections or means of support. The magician then whisks the cloth away and the doll completely vanishes in mid-air! The miniature couch is a beauty. From the front it is very deceptive and it appears to be very thin. Everything is self-contained in the couch and in the cloth. Nothing is added or taken away. Positively no threads are used. It may be performed under bright lighting.

With appropriate background music and a few introductory remarks you can capture the imagination of your viewers with this miniature illusion as did the past masters of magic with their larger stage versions. Complete with doll, couch, cloth and illustrated instructions complete with suggested patter. No hoop is supplied. (No workshop plans available.) A John Fabjance creation.